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Selling Your Home With Computer Broker Is Like Store Self-Checkout

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

What do you love about self-checkout?

Is it faster?

Do you get better discounts?

What if the item you have doesn’t scan?

What if you have to look up the barcode?

What if you forget to put the item in the bag?

What happens when you keep having to reinsert your not-so-perfect dollar bills?

What do you do when the card reader constantly prompts an error?

Then you say, "But that doesn’t happen every time, right?"

For smaller purchases, self-checkout works in your favor sometimes, if there is no line and you go at the right time — it can be seamless. BUT, when you do get an error or you don’t know the barcode, that nice person in the “Need help with self-checkouts? Ask me” apron comes over and helps you out of your crisis. Real people making a Real difference.

Let’s remove the online Computer Broker Veil in REAL ESTATE:

  1. Reviews: When you read an online review, make sure you compare city to city because every state’s real estate rules and processes vary.

  2. Commissions: Commissions and fees vary from state to state. Some online brokers will cut commissions and instead charge you fees. You get what you pay for – assess if it is better to get a discount by cutting out the expert and doing the work yourself, or is it better to let the expert work on your behalf and sell at a competitive price without the risk of affecting service and value?

  3. Market Data: In the Houston Area — we benefit from having one of the best Multiple Listing Services (MLS) in the country, most cities in Texas do not even have a MLS. The benefit is that it allows a Realtor/Broker to use an algorithm to crunch quantitative data to determine how the market is trending.

  4. Property Appraisal: Websites use a similar algorithm when crunching market data. The difference is that they do not take into account qualitative factors, for example: Your local city council approving a new development near your neighborhood and the positive and negative effects that will have on traffic. After a heavy rain, the height your home sits above the street level are qualitative factors that are not being included in the online brokers computation. A local Realtor understands how these factors directly affect your properties appraised value and will negotiate with buyers to help you get the best price.

  5. Service: Online Reviews — customers want better service and you should have it! But let’s keep it real, how many real estate agents are you interviewing? Did you get a referral from a friend? Did you ask questions? Or did you go with the first person you met? It is a misconception that the more seasoned the agent is the better service they will provide — just not true. You have to interview everyone you meet and make sure they share your values. Lacking experience doesn’t mean lacking knowledge. As a new agent, I can tell you — having fewer customers gives me an opportunity to give more attention to my roster of clients. I am more available, more patient and wanting to give the greatest service because I don’t have a 20-year reputation to fall back on!

  6. Repairs: Selling your home, depending on its condition, can cost you money. That is a reality. No website has a better listing process than the one that’s currently being used. It is simple — make the repairs and sell at the price the market will bear. If you choose not to make the repairs, then you’ll negotiate to a price that is acceptable to the buyer, less repairs. What’s great about having a local Real Estate Agent is that we can be there with the Inspector — helping to understand what needs to be fixed on your behalf and based on that assessment, can recommend local contractors and vendors to give you a reasonable price to make needed repairs. We can facilitate in getting you multiple quotes so you can feel confident that you’re getting the best value for your buck!

  7. Convenience: Some online brokers suggest you can get an offer with the press of a button, but any offer isn’t a good offer. That would be basing the price of your property on only quantitative factors again. Listings, showings and waiting for the best price are EXPOSURE. Exposure is EVERYTHING! Why? Because this isn’t an Amazon purchase, this is your home, one of the largest investments most people will ever make in their lifetime. How can you be sure that you are getting the best offer if you get no exposure? You can not. Do not let companies with friendly voices over the phone living hundreds of miles away tell you how much your home in Houston, TX is worth without seeing first what the market will bear, which translates to getting the “best” offer, not just any offer!

My intentions are to encourage you to make a better decision. Be aware that what online brokers are offering isn’t as revolutionizing and streamlined as grocery stores said self-checkout would be. In all cases — it is important to make sure you do your research and interview all of us. There is a proven way to get the best results, and it will be my pleasure to help you attain them! Ready to make a decision? Talk me Today!

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